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Sneh Sharma | Sunistry

A Note from Sunistry:

             "My artworks are achieved by incorporating my expertise and unique craft with your requirements for creation and supply of your values. I engage with my clients and subjects to obtain a genuine feel for their hopes and desires from their images to create memorable results in every composition.

              I believe portraiture is a piece of art that is much more than just what a person looks like. So, I turn my portraits into an experience for my clients, to make them look and feel at their best. It's a whole process where we hold meetings beforehand and I get to know my subjects, their background, nature and what are they looking for in their images. Accordingly, I develop the concept and work with the best professionals to achieve and execute the same.

            My commercial works are also based on a similar process, and my unique understanding of visual communication and light has brought me the opportunities to work with a few of the world's leading luxury hotel and restaurant brands.

             I look forward to working with you for the creation of images that you will cherish for a lifetime and building a legacy for your future generations."


Sneh Sharma

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